Supervision Services

LPC Supervision is available for LPC-Associates working towards their 3,000 hours for licensure as an LPC. Dr. Torrenzo Moore is a board approved supervisor in the State of Texas and is always seeking LPC-Associates to supervise and help prepare them for the world of private practice counseling. His supervision will include everything you need in order to become a successful and effective LPC in Texas. His philosophy of supervision aligns closely with the collaborative style. Collaborative supervision involves both the supervisor and the supervisee developing goals and agreeing on the format of supervision. This supervisory style allows the supervisee to participate in the decision-making process during supervision. Supervisors that use a collaborative style of supervision possess the skills necessary to effectively develop counselors in training. Torrenzo takes a very personalized approach to supervision knowing that everyone is different and have their own unique learning and counseling styles. Your supervision process will be individualized according to your learning style. Additionally, he will provide you with all of the necessary business skills in order to develop and maintain your private practice.

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